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Important Information about Assemble Anything's Service


At the Completion of a job you will be asked to sign to confirm that you are satisfied with the job and that you understand and agree to our terms and conditions as set out below:


i.  Assemble Anything operates as a “Payment On Completion” type business, regardless of which payment method you choose. to pay. This means we require payment straight away. We do not offer payment terms to the general public.


ii.  We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, cash, cheque or direct deposit via internet banking.  If using internet banking, we require a copy of the transfer receipt. 

iii.  We can provide a Tax Invoice at the customer’s request. At our discretion - it may have terms that allow payment within 7 days from the ‘Invoice date’.  Failure to pay within these terms may incur a “Late Payment Admin Fee” of $25.00 Inc GST per overdue notice issued (issued once every 7 days, with a maximum 4 per month).

iv.  After 2 months of non-payment (at our discretion) we may refer the recovery of the original debt plus all additional fees and charges to our Debt Collection Agency. Collection costs will be added to your overall debt.


v.  Assemble Anything offer a Customer Satisfaction Guarantee which covers the delivery and assembly of your goods only.  Assemble Anything will not be liable for any fault or complaint relating to the actual product.  Faulty products are the sole responsibility of the store of purchase and or the manufacturer.   We recommend you retain your Sales Receipt and Manufacturer’s Warranty at all times.

vi.  Additional charges will apply to dispose of packaging, if required.


vii.  Additional charges will apply to dispose of the item being replaced, if required.


viii.  Additional charges will apply for us to rectify a fault with your product, such as collecting or returning a faulty or missing part on your behalf.


ix.  Additional charges will apply for aftermarket or replacement parts used in the assembly or installation, such as fasteners, brackets, hinges and building materials.


x.  Access to the assembly location must be provided at the arranged time. Time incurred due to customer delays will be charged at our hourly rate per tradesperson.


xi.  The assembly location must be clear and clean upon our arrival to meet our safety guidelines and to improve our efficiency.  Failure to do so will incur additional charges.


xii.  The customer must contact Assemble Anything 24 hours prior to an appointment to cancel or reschedule.  Failure to do so will incur a “Late Cancellation Fee”; either $85 for one tradesperson, or $170 for two tradespersons (these figures include GST).\

xiii.  We reserve the right to provide more than one tradesperson on jobs that physically require such e.g. for ‘two person lifts’ – in line with ‘Workplace Health and Safety’ codes of practice.  You will be charged our hourly rate for all the tradespersons provided.

  • You acknowledge and agree that, except for direct property damage that results from our negligence, under no circumstances shall Assemble Anything be liable to you or any other person for any damages, including without limitation, any indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages, expense, costs, data loss or corruption, or liability arising out of, or related to, the services provided by Assemble Anything or the installation, use of, or inability to use your products, goods or services.


  • Further, you release and hold harmless Assemble Anything from and against any loss, liability or damage that you may suffer from, including but not limited to, any changes or alterations to your residence (changes to walls, baseboards, floors, etc.).  Subject to your statutory rights under the Australia Competition and Consumer Act or other Tasmanian laws or amending legislation.  All entitlements and the liability of Assemble Anything is expressly limited to the cost of the service being provided. 



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